UTM Stands for Unified Threat Management.  A UTM is a device that handles the security of your network.  In many cases it includes firewall, antivirus, intrusion prevention, spyware / malware protection, as well as content filtering.  A UTM is installed in place of a stand alone firewall and is able to filter network traffic before it reaches computers or servers on your network.  This can be a huge benefit as antivirus and firewall software can fail or get uninstalled on individual computers.

What is a gigabit network?  Originally Ethernet came out with a speed of 10 Mbps.  In 1995 fast Ethernet was standardized at 100 Mbps.  Many networks and computers still run on fast Ethernet today.  Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbps) was standardized in 1999 for use over Cat5e (copper wire).  Early on gigabit networks were too costly and often times unnecessary for small networks.  Today most new computers come with gigabit capable adapters and gigabit network hardware is very affordable.  With today's high demand network applications and file servers, gigabit speeds are a must.

Many businesses need to access their networks and computers remotely.  One reason for this is having multiple locations.  For companies with multiple locations, one solution is to set up an always on VPN connection to the remote location.  This allows all computers on the network to have concurrent access to the headquarters network and servers.


Another reason for remote access might be working remotely while at home or travelling.  This can be solved with VPN software that can attach to an existing VPN solution your company is using for its multiple locations.  Another way to solve this is using simple remote access software such as Logmein, GoToMyPC, or Team Viewer.


Whatever your needs, we can help you sort out the remote access solution that is right for you. 

Wireless can be tricky.  Coverage and performance can be hit and miss.  We can set up wireless and wireless distribution systems that offer both good coverage and performance that are expandable.  If you have or are planning to offer guest wireless access there are several things that should be considered such as separation from private networks, guest isolation (protect guests from other guests), ease of use, as well as a terms of use policy.  We can help you navigate these considerations and get your guest access set up right.  When running cables simply isn't an option, we can also set up wireless bridges.  A wireless bridge essentially connects two networks together via a wireless signal.  The end result is as if you connected two network switches together with an Ethernet cable.

Is your network closet a disaster?  Are there strange / intermittent issues plaguing your network?  Are you getting your full network speed potential?  We can help identify and resolve issues with your network configuration.

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