Do you need a wireless network set up?  Is your wireless network secure?  We can help you set up, troubleshoot, and maintain wireless networks.  We can also help you correct wireless coverage issues in your home or business.  From setting up a wireless printer or camera to setting up a new network from scratch, we have you covered.

Unfortunately viruses are here to stay.  As long as computers have been around, people have been writing viruses to harm them.  There are many methods used by viruses and malware to spread infection and in many cases having virus protection alone is not enough.  We can help re mediate viruses and malware after infection.  We can also help you take measures to prevent future infection through software, hardware, configurations, and training.  Ask us how!

Windows 10 is here!  Microsoft windows 10 was released on July 29th, 2015.  Microsoft is offering a free Windows 10 upgrade to those of us who are currently running windows 7, 8, or 8.1.  This upgrade is being offered free for 1 year from the Windows 10 release date.  Many of us have already upgraded and are enjoying a smooth transition and many user interface improvements.  Some of us have been unable to upgrade do to various installation problems while others have successfully upgraded but are experiencing technical difficulties.  Whatever the case may be, we can help you with your transition to or downgrade from Windows 10.

Do you loathe the thought of switching to a new computer and having to set everything back up?  Getting a new computer does not have to be a dreaded task.  Allow us to set up your new computer and transfer your data for you.  After your computer has been set up we can configure backup plans, antivirus, and your peripherals!

Upgrading your computer to solid state is one of the best upgrades for the money that you can do right now.  In many cases an older computer that has been upgraded to SSD will out perform a new computer that runs on a traditional hard drive.  As technology improves, the cost of SSDs continues to fall making them even more attractive to anyone looking to get better performance out of their computer.

Is your computer running slower than it used to?  Do you have a growing list of problems that you are unable to solve?  Computer maintenance is something that cannot be ignored.  We can optimize, clean up, troubleshoot problems, remove malware, maintain antivirus, suggest upgrades and more.  We can also set you up with a plan for routine maintenance that you can do yourself.

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