SaaS (Software as a service)

What is SaaS?  Software as a service is a licensing model where software is hosted and licensed by a software vendor.  This software could be whole virtual computers or individual web based software applications.  As the cloud becomes more and more popular, individuals and businesses are realizing the benefits of SaaS.  For instance many accounting software packages are now offered as SaaS.  One benefit to this is the customer does not have to maintain or backup their accounting program or data.  The accounting program is also available from anywhere without the need to maintain remote access or worry about security.  Many SaaS programs also offer mobile apps to use with the service.  With SaaS there is no expensive upfront software to buy.  There are many other types of software offered as SaaS such as CRM, practice management, paperless records management, and many more!  Could your business benefit from SaaS?

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